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The Company Top-Projects are the most scale and interesting business and social projects which had been implemented by the Company for more than ten years' history of existence.

(the project is at implementation stage)
EcoStandard Group has won the tender of the company "Base element" for environmental support of construction of the Olympic objects in Sochi.

ZAO "Atomstroyexport"
(the project is at implementation stage)
Development of the section "Environmental Impact Assessment" under Russian and international standards for a stage of justification of investments into construction of the additional power block of Nevinnomyssk GRES.

Toyota Motor
Complex of engineering-geological researches, by the request of the International corporation Toyota Motor. The project idea is to select a platform for construction of multipurpose business-center. The building area is 20 Ha.

Certification of workplaces on working conditions at the central representation office of ZAO "Hewlett- Packard" in the CIS. In the course of works more than 750 workplaces were accredited and actions on the working conditions improvement were proposed.

Complex examination of the Citibank
In 2006 EcoStandard Group won the tender for complex examination of all offices of the Citibank at the territory of Moscow.

"European victory" of EcoStandard Group
The client of EcoStandard Group successfully used the examination conclusion at asserting its rights in the European Court of Human Rights.

(the project is at implementation stage)
The program Ecomaterial is the first project in the market of high-grade environmental labelling for building and finishing materials.

Complex examination of Siemens
(the project is at implementation stage)
"Siemens. Property" Company is a regular client of EcoStandard Group regarding environmental consulting at construction of the new company objects.

Joint investigation with "Echo of Moscow"
After the interview in the studio of "Echo" with A. Lugovoy - the main suspected criminal of the murder case of the former employee of KGB A.Litvinenko the experts of EcoStandard Group carried out an investigation in the office for detection of Polonium-210 traces.

(the project is at implementation stage)
Ecovillage project is an ecological rating of the cottage settlements serving to reveal environmentally safe and most comfortable settlements for residence.

Ecohome.ru - is an information portal of Ecomedia company which journalists keep abreast of events in the field of household ecology.

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